Proteus APP

Proteus APP

Right aligned imageProteus APP is a Windows app that facilities custom configuration. It allows users download script, images, fonts, macros and widgets to the on-board FLASH.

The texts can be drawn using any of the 16 available fonts. ProteusApp provides a point-n-click GUI for storing any Windows font with user selectable type, size, style and effect.

Proteus allows users to store 96 PNG images. ProteusApp provides an easy to use point-n-click GUI for storing images. Each image has a unique id. Images are displayed using command Image:Draw (id, x, y). On power up, Proteus automatically loads images in their corresponding x, y position in the video RAM. All subsequent image drawings are performed using high-performance BitBLT operation.

Macro is a grouping of several commands that execute together when invoked. Proteus allows the users to store 96 macros. On average, each macro can have 50+ commands. Macros can have arguments. The arguments are provided at the time of execution. ProteusApp provide an easy to use point-n-click GUI to create and dry-run macros. Each macro has a unique id. Macros are executed using command Macro:Exe (id, arg1, arg2,….). Arguments are optional.

Proteus provides storage for 96 frequently used strings (text). Each string has a unique id. Strings can be displayed using any available fonts. String are displayed using the command String:Draw (id, x, y, color).

Events can either be time-driven or GPI (general purpose input). Proteus provides 8 GPI. When an event is triggered, a corresponding macro is executed.

By far, widgets are one of the most powerful features of Proteus-IV. A widget (or control) is an element of a graphical user interface that displays a Parameter, arrangement changeable by the user. Most widgets are autonomous and have all the necessary information to regularly update themselves without any user intervention. Proteus provides space for 255 widgets. Currently, there are 16 different type of Widgets offered in Proteus.