PROTEUS provides a comprehensive selection of features and applications from simple text to GPS data and graphically animated widgets. However, every application has its unique requirements and to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction, VideoLogix provides product integration services.

Our engineers will help integrate PROTEUS into your system and/or customize the software to meet your specific needs quickly and efficiently, in most cases free of charge.

Product Integration Services Include:

  • Interface PROTEUS to your desired sensors
  • GUI/On-screen display development and customization
  • Custom hardware development

Taking advantage of this service is simple. To assist with your integration, we need:

  • Brief outline of your requirements including information such as your application, if you are interfacing to a computer or sensors, and preferably a block diagram.
  • Rough screen sketch of your desired overlay.

Please e-mail your requirements and attachments to [email protected] or use our contact form