Proteus Videos

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Proteus-Lite Tutorial

We show you how Proteus-Lite can be easily configured to overlay: time & date, titles, images (PNG & JPG), GPS data i.e. Lat, Lon, Date, Time, etc. and barcode scanner results on live video:

Proteus-Essential Tutorial

Proteus-Essential contains all the basic features of Proteus-Lite, plus the ability for overlaying telemetry data, widgets, device drivers, ethernet, and much more:

Proteus-Plus Tutorial

Proteus-Plus includes all the features of Proteus-Essential AND the ability to store geotagged media (KML files) that can be viewed in Google Earth to see the exact locations where videos were taken. During georecording, operator can drop unique place markers (red marker #1, #2) to bring attention to monitoring staff.

Optional Google Earth KML file video playback also available to jump to the exact instant in the video.