Proteus is a High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) HDMI, HD-SDI video overlay device engineered to work with the latest generation of video cameras and gimbal systems including Cineflex and Shotover. It is used throughout the airborne industry for surveying, surveillance, pipeline/powerline inspections, gimbal operators, and more.

Proteus supports real-time text, images, telemetry data, and more. Our Aerial App makes it easy to overlay aerial parameters such as: heading, gimbal azimuth and elevation, camera roll and pitch, GPS parameters, user defined text, various images, and a powerful rolling compass depicting helicopter heading by using our library of dials, gauges, and heading indicators.

In addition to this data, your logo, your client’s logo, and other user input paramters can be easily displayed while hot keys allow data to be input quickly.

The screen below is an example of an aerial app. In order to facilitate UI (user Interface) description, information is divided into 7 groups.

Group #


1 Aviation situation awareness widget. This widget depicts helicopter parameters1 such as heading, gimbal azimuth & elevation and camera roll and pitch.
2 A reticule on the video indicates the camera’s LOS. Proteus System continuously estimates the geographic location of that reticule, regardless of whether the operator has an actual target within the reticure
3 Rolling compass depicting helicopter heading
4 Aerial related parameters1
5 GPS related parameters
6 User defined text field
7 Various images

1 Parameters: Proteus can obtain parameters directly from sensors or parse a comma delimited message via RS232. For additional details, review ASCII token.

Aircraft situation awareness widget depicts parameters such as heading, bearing (relative or magnetic),

roll, pitch, azimuth, elevation and lens over a custom background image.

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