Proteus-II Proteus-II Proteus-II

HD + SD Video Overlay Device

Video Overlay is a method by which computer generated images are superimposed on video. Properly transformed images appear as if they are an integral part of the scene without impeding the video of the actual environment.

Watch our Video Demonstrations to see Proteus II in action with some common overlay applications.

Meet Proteus II

Proteus II is our versatile and powerful HD video overlay device. It provides professional, scientific and industrial users with the capability to overlay crisp and clear texts, graphics and telemetry generated information into an incoming HD & SD video in real time. Proteus accepts video in HD-SDI, HDMI, Component, Y/C and Composite. Proteus is super compact, light weight and stand-alone i.e. does not require to be connected to a computer.

Communication interface to Proteus is through RS232. Proteus provides over 50+ different commands. For applications requiring interface to an external microprocessor, an 8-bit micro-controller is more than sufficient to achieve dazzling results.

Device Driver Proteus has built in software interface for various devices such as GPS Modem, Inertial Navigation System (VectorNav), Altimeter (Smart micro), General Dynamic Axsys Tech/Cineflex, LTI TruSpeed Laser Guns, and any device that outputs NEMA 0183 sentences. Simply connect your device to COM1..4 and enable the desired widget. Contact us for additional Device Driver integration.

Widgets are one of the most powerful features of Proteus-II. A widget (or control) is an element of a graphical user interface that displays a parameter, arrangement changeable by the user. Widgets are autonomous and have all the necessary information to regularly update themselves without any user intervention. At the present time, Proteus-II provides 16 widget types.

ProteusApp is a Windows app that facilities custom configuration. It allows users to download scripts, images, fonts, macros and widgets to the on-board FLASH.

Versatile Proteus is the most versatile HD video overlay system currently in the market. Download a simple script and adapt Proteus-II to any one of the application listed below:

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