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Texts, Graphics, Time/Date, GPS data
CSV sentences via RS232 & Ethernet
NMEA sentences via RS232 & Ethernet
APPs2 + Widgets3 + Device drivers4
2x Quadrature inputs, 4 x Analog inputs
IRIG, NPT time
MEMS based Compass, Gyroscope
50+ Drawing commands via RS232/Ethernet
Superimpose composite video input over HD video input
Store KML5





1 GPS modem is optional ($100). User can connect own GPS modem to RS232 port.
2ROV Situation Awareness, Airplane Situation Awareness
3Sliders, rolling compass, circular compass, Count up/down timers, XY measurement, reticle
4Vector NAV IMU, Cineflex, smart micro radar, POS laser scanner
5Generates KML file for Google Earth with on-the-fly selectable icon for each placemark. Each placemark has GPS, Gyroscope, Video Time, speed, course, etc.