Proteus IV


Left aligned imageProteus-IV is a versatile HD video overlay system that superimposes equipment & telemetry data, time, date and user defined text & graphic over live video stream.

From airborne surveys to critical oil drilling operations, there are many applications where it is useful to display information as a text & graphic overlay. That’s why our video overlay units provide a full range of solutions and customizations for users wanting to overlay information over live video.

Proteus is ideal for a wide range of uses in any environment, including:

Airborne Surveillance Subsea ROV’s Gyro stabilized camera video systems
Medical Traffic monitoring Advertising
Factory automations Pipeline Inspection Logo insertion, animation

Technical Specifications:

Left aligned image

Device Drivers:

Proteus-IV has built-in software interface for devices shown below. Simply connect your device to a COM port and configure the port for the desired baudrate & device type. The device specific registers are automatically updated when the associated device (GPS, INS, CINEFLEX, etc) is connected to Proteus.  Widgets that are linked to a register are updated automatically when the content of the register changes.  The device parameters are also available to the host viaRS232 commands.

For Additional Device Driver Integration Contact Us. 


Simply connect Proteus-IV to CINEFLEX HIDEF using RS232 interface cable. Proteus automatically receives and parses CINEFLEX parameters. Widgets associated with Cineflex provides the operator with full situational awareness by overlaying parameters onto the video in real time. The Widgets provides full situational awareness allowing cinematographers to precisely plan and execute their shots.
cineflex video overlay

    • Gimbal Pan/Tilt/Roll
    • Focus Distance
    • Zoom Position
    • Field of View
    • Iris Stop
    • Timestamp

Smartmicro Micro Radar Altimeter

smartmicro video overlayThe Micro Radar Altimeter is one of the most advanced radar altimeters on the market today. This leading technology product is intended for standard UAVs, small UAVs (sUAV), micro UAVs (MAV), fixed and rotary winged aircraft, VTOL aircraft, target drones, terrain awareness and warning systems (TAWS), terrain mapping, wave height monitoring and similar applications. Operates under pitch and roll angles of up to ±20 degree. Provides stable and precise altitude.

Simply connect Proteus-IV to Altimeter using RS485 interface cable. Proteus automatically receives and parses Altimeter parameters. Widgets associated with the Altimeter overlay the parameters onto the video in real time.

      • Altitude
      • Vertical Speed

VectorNav VN-200 INS/GPS

The VN-200 is a miniature high-performance GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System that combines MEMS inertial sensors, a high-sensitivity GPS receiver. It provides optimal estimates of position, velocity, and orientation for industrial applications.

Simply connect Proteus-IV to VN-200 using RS232 interface cable. Proteus automatically receives and parses Vector Nav parameters. Widgets associated with INS/GPS  overlay the parameters onto the video in real time.
vectornav ins gps video overlay

    • Time
    • Date
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Heading
    • Pitch
    • Roll
    • Height
    • Velocity North
    • Velocity East
    • Velocity Down
    • Magnetic X-axis
    • Magnetic Y-axis
    • Magnetic Z-axis
    • Acceleration X-axis
    • Acceleration Y-axis
    • Acceleration Z-axis
    • X-axis Angular Rate
    • Y-axis Angular Rate
    • Z-axis Angular Rate
    • Temperature
    • Pressure

UltraLyte Speed Laser Guns

smartmicro video overlay

The UltraLyte & TruSpeed are the latest speed enforcement Laser Gun from Tele-Traffic (UK) Ltd and Laser Technology Inc.

Simply connect your speed Laser Gun to Proteus-IV using the RS232 serial data port. Proteus automatically receives and parses the parameters which are overlayed onto HD or SD video in real time.

Proteus Laser Gun App allows the user to establish a threshold for the speed value in order to control an output to sound an alarm or initiate external recording.  The App also allows the user to display the speed on the screen for a predetermined time period, i.e. 1 to 5 seconds.