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Is Proteus compatible with all GPS receivers?
Proteus is compatible with any GPS receiver (RS232) that transmits data according to the NMEA 0183 Standard. We have no particular recommendation, but our customers use GPS from Garmin.
Does Proteus come with a GPS modem?
GPS modem is external and hence optional.
Can you do a custom modification?
Yes, we do custom modifications.
How many different fonts can Proteus provide?
Proteus provides 16 different fonts. Each font is user downloadable. Users can download any Windows font with the desired size, style, effect.
Does Proteus support more than one video input at a given time?
Although Proteus has multiple video inputs, it can only process one video input at a given time.
What does Proteus do when more than one video is inputted?
Proteus gives implicit priority to the video inputs as shown below:

  1. HD-SDI
  2. HDMI
  3. S-Video
  4. Composite
Does Proteus support more than one video output at a given time?
Yes, Proteus outputs video on all its outputs simultaneously.
Does Proteus support a keyboard?
Yes. User provided PS2 keyboard.
What is the drawing speed?
Proteus draws a pixel in 13.46nsec. Therefore, to print 100 x 100 rectangular area will take 10,000 * 13.64nsec = 134.6 microsecond.
What is the UART communication speed?
Baud rate is programmable for all 4 serial ports and can support 4800, 9600,19200,38400,57600,115200. USB port appears as a COM port to a PC and operates at 921,600 baud.
Does Proteus provide geo-referencing?
Yes. Assuming your camera has an IMU i.e. Vectornav and it is accurately calibrated, Proteus can provide accurate GPS coordinate for the target.
Does Proteus scale video i.e. 525i to 1080i?
No. Video output resolution is identical to video input resolution.